Just had a great deal of fun. Was in a Starbucks in Germany, and, because Starbucks is a multinational, they insist on asking your name wherever you are on the Blue Planet, and then daub it on the side of the cup with a felt tip pen like a piece of urban art. I'm sick of them spelling Walker wrong...I've had Wokke in Portugal, Warcher in Germany and Wauka in Amsterdam. So, I thought, I'll call myself Manure. Then I sat back, and took an absolute age to claim my Venti Latte, and enjoyed enormously the increasingly shrill cries of, "Manure" "MANURE!"   "VENTI LATTE fuer MANURE". It was pronounced almost right, if you squinted a bit with your ears.

I'd recommend it to you all.


That's Manure spelt with an M.