Where's Ed? Maybe he's dead (politically)?

If I had been Ed Milliband, I'd have lived in Scotland for the last 6 months. If Scotland goes Independent, the chances of there being a Labour government in Westminster in the future would seem to me to be greatly reduced, certainly one with a meaningful majority. At the last election, Labour returned 41 seats to Westminster, the Liberals 11, the Nationalists six and the Conservatives......1.  In 2005?  41, 11, 6 and ehm......1. Don't even ask about 2000; there were more seats then, and still just 1 Conservative.

That's 58 seats of opposition to a Conservative 1, or 40 Labour seats more than Tory seats.

A friend of mine pointed out to me the other night that the standard of post-Independence politics would improve, because the real big hitters in Scottish politics would return north of the border, as Scots being involved in English politics would become nigh on impossible.

So you have a situation whereby a newly Independent Scotland has a country with a much higher likelihood of being run by a Conservative government as its neighbour and what's more, a government that has no Scottish sensibilities, sensitivity or understanding or representation.